March 7, 2022

February Faculty Updates

As the situation in Ukraine progresses, organizations go into crisis management mode. How will increasing oil and gas prices and additional supply chain shortages in key areas including agricultural and semiconductors inputs (again) affect us? Adjunct Professor Chloe Demrovsky was interviewed on FOX5DC News on the evolving situation and its business impact.

Professor Christian Busch's work was covered in a recent Forbes article on how organizations can create the conditions to "cultivate serendipity" to get fit for the future.

On February 14, 2022, the American Bar Association (one of the world's largest bar associations) endorsed Resolution 605, a resolution that Professor Jennifer Trahan had proposed on voluntary veto restraint. She has worked for approximately 2.5 years, through various committees of the ABA, to bring the resolution and accompanying report, which she drafted, to a vote. In the resolution, "the American Bar Association urges the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to commit in principle to voluntary restraint in exercising their veto power with respect to credible, non-pretextual resolutions proposing measures to prevent genocide, serious war crimes, ethnic cleansing, or crimes against humanity, or to bring to justice persons accused of committing such crimes, consistent with the UN Charter and applicable rules of international law." The full resolution may be found here.

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