The NYU SPS Energy, Climate Justice, and Sustainability Lab is a collaborative, virtual resource that serves as an interactive teaching and learning platform.

NYU SPS Energy, Climate Justice, and Sustainability Lab

Thought Leadership for the Future of the Planet

Climate change, sustainability, and justice are no longer in the footnotes of academic curricula. Students, academics, and professionals are yearning for spaces, platforms, and communities to learn more and to educate others. NYU SPS has committed to being one of the leading academic institutions offering such a community space and platform through the ECJS Lab.

Conceptualized and executed as a virtual resource, the NYU SPS Energy, Climate Justice, and Sustainability Lab falls under the administration of the NYU SPS Center for Global Affairs (CGA) and serves as a teaching and learning vehicle. The ECJS Lab will be a thought leader, an influencer, and a driver of change by offering a wealth of academic content and programming that will take the form of graduate and continuing education classes, public events, and research.

This icon of a student holding books, symbolizes ECJS academic programming.

Academic Programming
From specialized degree content
to continuing education courses
and certificates, the ECJS offers
cutting-edge curricula.

This icon of a lightbulb symbolizes NYU SPS faculty and student research

NYU SPS faculty members and
students conduct research that
uncovers trends and informs the
development of solutions.

This icon symbolizes the facilitation of the collaborative approach the ECJS Lab takes bringing students, faculty members, scholars, and organizations together

The ECJS Lab is an inclusive
community built on the expertise
and the support of individuals
and organizations.

Upcoming Events
December 5, 2022
CONDEMNED: A Book Talk with Translator Susan Matthias Interviewed by Jenny McPhee
December 11, 2022
NYU SPS Graduation
NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
December 31, 2022
Private Event