February 8, 2024

Center for Global Affairs Alumni Spotlight: Chris Connolly

M.S. in Global Affairs ‘12

Concentration in International Business, Economics, and Development

Currently, Chris is a Director at the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

What makes you proud to be an alum?
I am still very involved with CGA because I truly believe in its ability to positively impact students and the people we serve as part of our careers.

What are your main areas of responsibility in your current role?
Introduce new and innovative medical products in low- and middle-income countries by fostering a healthy and competitive marketplace and partnering with product manufacturers, governments, and donors to lower prices and accelerate product entry and uptake. In my role, I oversee operational, technical, programmatic and financial management across multiple large grants funded by multilateral, bilateral and private donors for projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

How did your time at the CGA help prepare you for this role?
CGA provided me with the foundation of skills and knowledge that allowed me to pursue my career in global development.

Any favorite memories at the CGA?
Field intensive trips to Ghana and Cuba with CGA Divisional Dean Vera Jelinek.

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