December 13, 2023

Center for Global Affairs Alumni Spotlight: Brander Suero

M.S. in Global Affairs ‘22

Concentration in IR/Global Futures

Currently, Brander is an Acting Policy Analyst for Open Society Foundations

What makes you proud to be an alum?
The CGA alumni community and professors provided great help on my job search. I did not feel completely alone in the process. Even now, I've maintained friendships with past alumni I only met through LinkedIn.

What are your main areas of responsibility in your current role?

Engaging in a range of foreign policy initiatives while coordinating work of civil society partners with Washington advocacy; Take lead on special projects including legislative tracking and research; Extensive Grant Making; Assist in the management of coalitions that facilitate foreign policy advocacy.

How did your time at the CGA help prepare you for this role?
CGA encouraged me to expand my idea of how to be impactful in foreign policy. From impactful classroom discussion with professors and peers, to collaborative projects and research opportunities, I learned the value of keeping an open yet, focused mindset.

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