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Internship in Translation/Interpreting

This course provides for students to gain insights and hone professional skills in real work environments and through an academically structured internship in translation and interpreting. Under the stewardship of a faculty instructor the student will attend biweekly class sessions while completing a set work schedule with a designated employer¿a language service provider or client organization whose business involves translation and other related language and cultural services. In-class discussion, research, and assignments will examine various work models in translation/interpreting, parallel sectors in the job market, and pertinent organizational behavior and labor relations issues; referring to each student¿s ongoing internship experience, the course explores industry-specific topics including translation technologies, workplace communication, subject fields specialization and workflow management, QC and evaluation processes, collaborative work, and time management and work-life balance issues. Students should have first received an offer of internship from a prospective employer before enrolling in the Internship course.
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