Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality

Sustainability, CSR and Impact Planning

There is an increasing awareness of the economic, sociocultural, and environmental impacts at tourism destinations within the international, national and local governments, businesses, organizations and individuals who are involved in travel and tourism development and marketing throughout the world. Tourism growth has led to many nations and businesses to recognize the need to develop policies and programs that protect and conserve precious tourism resources. As tourism is projected to grow to around 18 billion travelers by 2030 tourism, how will businesses develop programs designed to protect and conserve national, regional, and local natural and cultural resources. In this course, students examine best practices in tourism as an industry whose product is based on the consumption of the local environment, both physical and human, and the importance of planning to incorporate how the development of sustainable tourism policies and strategic plans can assist tourism managers in better inform and educate their clients about potential tourism impacts and the need to protect and conserve the tourism resources for future generations.
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