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Creative Community Tourism Development

Inherent in the development of creative tourism products is the research and analysis of the local community and the potential customers. This course provides an overview of the role of the community as a collection of businesses that create sales of goods and services to tourists and consumer segments defined by age, values, ethnicity cultures, etc. No longer are visitors passive when they discover a new destination, they seek new products and experiences that are authentic and based on local attributes. At the same time visitors look for an opportunity to learn about local creative tourism products and one of a king experience that reflects the community resources or the area they are visiting. Creative tourism is one of the latest trends for visitors to discover something new and be an active participant with the local residents who share their community values which include authenticity, shared beliefs, quality and diversification of products. Creative community tourism can be developed through strategic planning based on local natural and cultural resources as part of a plan for sustainable community tourism development.
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