Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

Global Studies

This course concentrates on international and global issues in the sport industry, specifically in a global location. By the end of the course, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the forces influencing international sport. You will also improve your knowledge of world geography and international sport through the exploration of developed and potential tourist areas in the chosen global location of study. Contemporary issues, as they relate to social and economic trends in the global location are explored. In a diverse, global industry, the student must recognize and understand diversity. Students will explore how the host destination¿ culture influences sport business. Students will also explore the destination¿s rich history, lived experience, culture, identity to understand how a worldview can enhance and/or hinder sport. Students will also examine how the location relies on or uses sport. Sport can often be a powerful teaching tool to explore how inequalities can be perpetuated in different countries, as well as our own. Students will explore this through both business and culture in the location.
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