Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

Fundamentals of Sports Analytics

This course is an examination of analytical tools and techniques used in the Sports Business. This course provides the groundwork for fundamental principles and key methodologies that can be applied to any sports analytics problem. The course begins by outlining the significance of complementing human insight with quantitative methods in the analysis of everyday sports. We will delve into the quantitative aspects by taking a structured approach to the use of big data and develop a systematic observation strategy. Students will learn to identify critical parameters for different sports based on guidelines, understand how to analyze and interpret patterns applying various measurement techniques, conduct statistical analyses, quantify objective relationships in the data to meaningfully increase the predictive power of forecasting tools, model various what-if scenarios, and master the art of calculating odds. The course concludes with a simulation game that will allow students to put their learning into practice, drawing on the insights from this course.
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