Schack Institute of Real Estate

Real Estate Data Visualization

This course will provide participants an experiential opportunity to critically engage and participate in the assessment, production, and design of real estate information visualization as both a tool of decision-making, as well as internal and external communication. Utilizing a variety of variable types (e.g., numeric, percentage, categorical, date, coordinates) across real estate datasets, participants will learn the transformative techniques to visualize market and time-series data functionally. Participants will learn how to use R effectively from a beginner¿s perspective, gain a thorough understanding of R syntax using tidyverse, then quickly progress to cleaning data, calculating performance trends and other metrics as they would do in Excel, and visualizing such insights through custom, professional graphics and dashboards that reflect their brand. Each class session will focus on the theory and concept behind each course topic, with greater emphasis placed on running code, strategically resolving errors, and creating reproducible working environments that can be integrated into future projects. Participants will be encouraged to bring both their own datasets and expertise from their backgrounds to discussion, practice, and assignments. Whether the participant aims to better understand data wrangling in R, metric calculation and variable creation with tidyverse, or sound practices in storytelling with polished, informative graphics, this course will provide a robust overview.
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