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Branded Content in the Media Business

While traditional publishing organizations are wrestling with a disrupted and dis-intermediated landscape, major marketers in all categories of business are stepping up ¿branded content¿ initiatives. Today¿s consumers are as likely to discover content of interest through a Twitter link or in their Facebook or Instagram feeds as they are through a more traditional media outlet. Furthermore, there is a blurring of editorial and advertising lines in a manner that both excites and challenges the industry. In this course, you will study the evolution of content marketing and its role as a tool that not only dates back decades but points the way forward to new creative opportunities for authors, journalists, editors and other publishing experts. We¿ll discover how publishers¿the original content marketers¿can better use their own material to grow both audiences and revenue at a time when traditional marketing practices in publishing are declining in effectiveness. And we¿ll discover the power of social media to drive a strong content marketing campaign.
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