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Exploring User Interface Design

Creating a framework for digital content that appeals to the consumer on many levels and also serves business goals and benchmarks is a challenge and a necessity in this competitive media environment. In this course, building upon the elements learned in Web Design: From HTML to Web Destinations and, in some cases, Design Skills for Publishing: Introduction to Photoshop and InDesign, we will explore the latest trends and strategies in interactive design for web and mobile. We will study how to develop a concept and working plan for a digital property; the relationship between the digital designer and the engineering team; the factors to be considered in terms of audience, usage, function, inclusive design and much more. By examining successful (and unsuccessful) digital properties, students will have a stronger understanding of the current needs and standards for top-line digital products and design. While this course may be helpful for those interested in entering this field, it is designed for those who want a basic understanding of the concepts involved to work in the digital space, initiate startups and apps or work with teams doing so, and interact effectively with digital designers and engineering teams.
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