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Principles of Art and Design

Understanding how to produce powerful visuals is an essential part of creating books, magazines, and digital media. This course is designed for all those interested in learning the basics of how art, photography, graphics, illustrations, typography, color choice and other design elements can improve the marketing of a media product or brand. Students will learn how the right book cover can make a major impact on sales, as well as how strong magazine covers and digital platforms can increase audience response. Design for both print and the range of digital platforms will be examined. Through an exploration of the principal elements of art, design, and an explanation of the purpose and structure of art departments, students will be better equipped to work with art directors and sales and marketing staffs on creating successful visuals that enhance the editorial content and extend a brand. The purpose of this class is not to turn the student into a designer, but those interested in a career involving art and design will find this an important introduction to the key concepts.
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