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Managing a Digital Brand

This is a time of extreme change in the industry, which means it¿s a time when fortunes will be made, enduring brands will be established or maintained, and the media¿s next biggest stars will step into their roles. In other words, there is plenty of opportunity. Managing a digital brand in this environment requires a mix of diverse skills, from assessing return on investment to translating consumer behavior to predicting upcoming trends. It also requires keeping a calm head. This course will cover key elements of content strategy, from project management, product building, and content creation to audience development, brand marketing, and editorial workflow. Students will learn not only what it takes to manage a day-to-day digital publishing business, but how to grow an existing digital brand, including the business requirements of creating, maintaining, and broadening content-based sites. Other topics include a study of the complexities of weighing business needs with brand values, staying true to core audiences while attracting new ones; how to turn ideas into actionable product launches, and plan a year-long editorial calendar and product roadmap to ensure future growth. Site infrastructure, revenue models, content creation systems (CMS), and building relationships with key stakeholders, including social media teams will also be examined.
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