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Non-Trade Book Publishing

This course examines important industry sectors outside the traditional trade book market and explores the driving forces behind these often highly profitable areas of the industry. Students learn the content creation, marketing, distribution and business models of B2B publishing as well as not-for-profit publishing. In addition, they analyze Scientific, Technical and Medical publishing (STM) and Professional publishing. In many cases, these sectors of the industry have embraced digital publishing far earlier than traditional media, and have adopted business practices that are models for the industry as a whole. By studying the effectiveness and reach of non-trade book publishing, students have a greater understanding of how to build a wide range of publishing businesses for different niche audiences. In addition, students explore careers pathways and specific skills and disciplines needed to succeed in non-trade book publishing. In this course, students learn to think in a more strategic and macroeconomic way of viewing publishing and to evaluate non-conventional publishing models and industry sectors that may provide unprecedented opportunity.
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