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Digital Management Strategies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, & Google

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google¿they all became household names for different reasons, but together these four giant corporations have changed the way publishing companies do business. Through a study of their business models, marketing strategies, and penetration of the media, students will understand the role of these companies in shaping how society connects, consumes content, and convey information. Imitators and critics abound, but this powerful quartet has proven the supremacy of a singular idea and vision effectively managed by strong leaders. In this course, we will study the business strategies of each company, their competitors, and their success relative to their stated goals. We will also look beyond these four companies to the next generation of tech startups like Twitter, Yahoo-owned Tumblr, Pinterest, and Snapchat. The goal of this course is to help students demonstrate what it takes to build a modern, digital-age company that strives to embrace innovation; assess which of today¿s generation of media-tech companies fulfill that mandate (and how); and apply those learnings to the Capstone.
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