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Advanced Magazine Editing

This course is designed as a hands-on workshop offering instruction and practice in editing magazine articles, from the formulation of ideas and working with writers to editing the final manuscript. It expands the topics covered in PUBB1-GC 3310 Editing Creative Content, and provides a more in-depth exploration of the editing process. Students will learn the differences between editing for different sections of a magazine, including front of the book, well, and columns, as well as how to edit for different audiences and genres. Workshops and assignments will help students practice pitch letters, revision memos to writers, and story memos covering big-picture and structural editing, as well as line editing. Throughout the course, students will present ideas for iPad and other digital treatments of the story material and extension of the brand editorially. Finally, students will gain a thorough understanding of the job of the story editor and how he or she fits into the larger structure of the magazine, from copy editors to the editor-in-chief.
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