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Contemporary Global Literature: Workshop in Creative Writing and Literary Translation

Explore the rich tapestry of contemporary global literature while honing your creative writing skills and delving into the art of literary translation. In this immersive five-day workshop, you'll embark on a journey through diverse cultures, themes, and narrative techniques. We will immerse ourselves in a world of literary exploration as we dissect the impact of cultural contexts on themes, characters, and narratives. Through engaging discussions and captivating readings, you'll learn to navigate the intricate relationship between culture and storytelling. Whether or not you speak an additional language, we will experience the world of literary translation and explore how the magic of interpretation can bridge linguistic and cultural divides. We will practice the craft of revision as you navigate the path towards publishing your creative works. Engage in peer review sessions that foster constructive feedback and refine your writing, and gain insights into the dynamic landscape of modern publishing. Knowledge of another language besides English is not necessary for this course, but an interest in multiple languages and literatures is essential. This course is open to all language pairs. In addition to the onsite workshop in Buenos Aires, you will be required to participate in online discussions and assignments on Brightspace for one week prior and one week following the onsite class.
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