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EPUB and eBook Workflow

Understanding the formats and methodologies for eBook production is key for those interested in careers in digital book publishing. In this hands-on, lab-based course, we will examine the current (and developing) standards for eBook production, including EPUB3 and proprietary formats like Apple's iBooks Author and Amazon's KF8. We will experiment with figuring out what formats are best for your content. We will also build upon your knowledge of the underlying technologies such as XML, HTML, and CSS, and tools like InDesign and HTML editors in order to craft and edit electronic books. Other topics will include an overview of the current eBook distribution platforms; adding multimedia and other interactive content to an eBook file; metadata within the context of both marketing and title management; current workflow practices and proposed best practices for managing eBook production for large-scale production; and troubleshooting for formatting and coding errors.
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