Center for Publishing

Workshop in Academic and Independent Presses

In this course, students will work closely with a specified publishing company to experience practical, hands-on learning. Generally, the companies will be smaller presses with unique business challenges. In Spring 2020, the company will be NYU Press, the university¿s academic publishing arm. University presses generally publish scholarly books that undergo a peer review system. NYU Press publishes approximately 100 books a year, including those in the areas of sociology, religion, law, anthropology, history, political science, and media studies. The Director of NYU Press will herself teach the course and draw upon NYU Press materials and staff to help students understand the daily workings of a university press. Students will be asked to read actual proposals, help with the peer review process, and work on current marketing and sales plans. Each week, a different topic will be introduced. Students will be encouraged to approach specific NYU Press publishing tasks as if they were employees of the company. Students will be invited to visit the NYU Press offices and attend meetings.
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