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Advanced Book Editing

An intensive study of the editing process and the role of the editor in book publishing, this course will build upon the editing skills learned in Book Acquisition and Editing and provide the student with hands- on experience both in commercial and literary fiction and non- fiction. The student will gain insight into the entire editorial process, and learn what goes into managing a book project, from the moment a manuscript is turned in to the editor, to the day it goes into production. There will also be discussion of other genres including poetry, YA and children¿s books, though the emphasis is on the editing of adult books. An editor¿s ultimate goal is simple: to help a book become the best book that it can be. But there are many paths to that end. Students will learn how to approach a manuscript, and analyze how it can be improved. The class will learn how to work with authors and discuss different editorial styles. And, adopting the editor¿s mindset, they will learn how editing can vastly improve a work¿or make it worse.
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