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The Global Marketplace: Challenges & Opportunities

Globalization of media has meant that international publishing is the largest opportunity for future growth for American publishers. Stemming from the thesis that ¿the world is flat,¿ the ability for American publishers to translate and disseminate their content on a global basis has created both the newest and largest opportunity for media companies. In addition, as e-book growth flattens domestically, publishers are increasingly looking to the international market for new sources of revenue. This course will focus on practical elements of international publishing. It will provide background in legal, ethical, marketing, production, financial, and organizational elements of international magazine, book, and digital content ventures. The course will discuss key aspects of evaluating market opportunities and initiating new business launches, as well as local partnerships and joint ventures in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Whether or not students plan careers specifically in the global market, an understanding of key principles of international publishing is important for all in the industry.
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