Marketing and Public Relations

Global Relations and Intercultural Communications

In today's multi-national workforce and multi-cultural society, the importance of international training for communications professionals is greater than ever before. Internet and E-Commerce, the diversity of news media and mass communications, new and emerging trends in international business communications, advances in technologies in 'advertising' and public relations to name just a few areas, have created an environment that demands an understanding of the latest knowledge in global communications and the impact that it has on successful business practice. Students will achieve the following objectives: gain an understanding and appreciation for the multi - faceted global workplace including individual attitudes and approaches to conducting public relations programs; acquire skills necessary for designing and implementing effective communications programs for the global market; understand new and emerging technologies, their impact on the international communications field and how to manage their cost and effectiveness; gain an appreciation and understanding for the global media, how it differs from country - to - country and how to best manage its complexity to achieve maximum effectiveness of communications efforts; and appreciate the differences among marketing, advertising and public relations. The course will also help students understand the 'do's and taboos' of cultural differences and nuances around the globe and the proper business behavior to prevent embarrassment, unhappiness and failure.
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