Marketing and Public Relations

Government Affairs

Influencing the decisions of legislative and executive bodies at the national, state, and local levels is an increasingly critical task that involves specialized information gathering, analysis, relationship building and communications skills. This course will provide insight into how these tools of government relations professionals are developed and employed to fairly address the concerns of the organization that government affairs and public policy advocates represent. Successful public policy advocacy begins with a clear understanding of how decisions are made and, therefore, whom to influence and how to influence them. The course reviews the research skills that inform advocacy and lobbying. Establishing goals, developing advocacy plans, and implementing actions will be discussed in the context of building long standing, trusting relationships. Within the United States, the course will survey the laws and techniques for advocacy within for - profit and not - for - profit organizations including direct lobbying, grassroots lobbying, political action, and policy advertising. Course work will highlight the different contexts for United States policy advocacy and contrast United States activities with those undertaken in different political systems outside the United States.
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