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Investor Relations

Investor Relations (IR) professionals play a crucial role in enabling public companies to communicate their financial performance and strategic direction to the investment marketplace in a credible and consistent manner, with the goal of achieving a fair value for the company's securities. To accomplish this goal, investor relations practitioners must possess and employ in - depth knowledge of finance and the capital markets, effective communications and marketing techniques, and securities regulation. The course will cover such topics as: the factors influencing investment decisions; interpreting and communicating financial data; understanding relevant United States securities regulations; investor relations and corporate governance best practices; effective use of investor communications tools (news releases, investor relations websites, investor presentations, etc.); and working with such audiences as institutional and retail investors, sell - side analysts and financial media. The course is designed to equip the student to participate in strategic decision - making with senior management and the Board of Directors on matters relating to shareholder value. The course will incorporate case studies based on actual public companies and will feature guest speakers such as corporate executives, investment professionals and financial reporters.
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