Project Management & Information Technology

Enterprise Project Management

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the enterprise's collective efforts to integrate the project planning and decision-support processes, to achieve a level of control, transparency, and accomplishment vital to the organization¿s success. It focuses on Enterprise Project Management (EPM), organizing an enterprise's resources in a direct relationship to its mission, strategy, goals, and objectives. In this capstone course, students create a framework to manage, monitor, and assess the status of all projects in an enterprise, through a set of uniform EPM processes, principles, and methodologies. This extends to a holistic view of managing existing and future projects as a portfolio, aligned to the enterprise¿s business needs and requires students to demonstrate a comprehension of all prior courses undertaken in the program. The content and subject matter are aligned with the current edition of the Project Management Institute¿s (PMI) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
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