Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies

Human Resources Leadership and Strategy

This course prepares students for organizational leadership in the field of Human Resource/Personnel Management, with particular reference to the challenges of international settings, international career development, and the achievement of strategic impact in this functional area of management. In addition to acquiring survey-level appreciation of all major applied tasks in the field, each participant will develop a distinctive competence on one of the four major sub-field areas - Staffing (HR planning, recruitment, selection and development of employees), Compensation (job evaluation, pay policy, incentive pay and benefits design and administration), Job/Work Analysis and Design, and Employee Rights & Influence Management (e.g., individual and collective legal rights and firm-level policies). Lectures, discussion and individual field research projects will be undertaken so as to develop skill in mounting both tactical and strategic critiques of actual firm practices, with particular reference to linkages between HRM policies and practices, on the one hand, and leadership modes and competitive strategies, on the other.
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