Human Capital Management

Principles of Organization Design and Performance

Companies with the best chance of prospering are those that continue to modify their organizational structure on an ongoing basis to navigate the ever-changing dynamics of the competitive, technological, and environmental landscapes. This course is designed to offer a wealth of applicable industrial and organizational psychology theories, best business practices, and winning techniques to guide companies through the often difficult processes of mergers, acquisitions, downsizings, and other transitions. Topics will include: identifying organization needs and objectives; developing adaptive design strategies and transition stages; managing resources allocation and employee re-grouping and layoff; designing workload reorganization, redistribution, and outsourcing; handling employee behavioral reactions with supportive actions; effective communication strategies; and, metrics for success. By course completion, students will be able to analyze, plan and implement organization resizing in the workplace to help organizations to maximize gains and reduce operating costs, while simultaneously boosting productivity.
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