Human Capital Management
Prin & Prac in Online Course Prod & Delivery
This course has been designed to prepare faculty, trainers, and other instructors who wish to develop and teach online courses. In addition to an introduction to the basic principles and theories of online course creation and delivery, different theories of pedagogy and androgogy and their application in online courses will be explored. Students also learn techniques for identifying the appropriate use of technology and strategies for adapting onsite teaching tactics to online environments. They are also encouraged to research the various resources and publications available in the fields of educational technology and distance learning. Topics include, but are not limited to, the three main design paradigms (the ADDIE model, the Dick and Carey Model, and the Kemp model); the application of learning theory to online instruction; online course content development; and strategies for effective online curriculum planning and delivery. Students will have the opportunity to reinforce their skills by being assigned responsibility for the design and delivery of an instructional unit. Proficiency in the use of email and Web browsers is required. Upon successful completion of this course, students are expected to have learned; how to define the characteristics and needs of adult distance learners; effective ways to meet these needs through online instruction; and the differences between online courses with respect to class participation, interaction, course materials, and instruction involvement.
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