Human Capital Management

Foundations of Coaching & Coaching Theory

Coaching is a new field that draws on many related domains including behavioral science, solutions-focused therapy, philosophy, systems thinking, and the study of change. It is important to be familiar with these topics (as they inform the field of coaching) as well as understand the scientific basis behind any coaching frameworks. Through a combination of presentations (student and teacher), discussion groups, guest lecturers, and extensive readings and written assignments, students will gain a broad understanding of the wide range of fields that coaching draws upon, enabling them to see the links between theory and practice when coaching others. They will also be able to utilize the material generated from academic studies in various domains to validate their work within organizations and with external clients. Topics include the study of systems, change, principles of adult learning theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neuro-linguistics. Students will also explore the thinking emerging from recent non-clinical, solutions-focused approaches within the field of psychology. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be expected to have gained a solid understanding of the definitions of and theory behind coaching, a working knowledge of the scientific basis for coaching, and familiarity with the wide range of coaching models used in the field. Students will also have been prepared for coaching skills development in an applied setting.
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