Human Capital Management

Foundations of Human Capital Management Immersion

This course focuses on the core competencies, as identified by the leading HR associations, that are essential for current or future managers and staff specialists who wish to increase their effectiveness working directly with human resources in all types of organizations. This course has been designed to equip the student with the basic skill-set and framework required for the more specialized and advanced concentration courses in the curriculum. Through the use of readings, lectures, group presentations and real-world case studies, students will gain a basic understanding and appreciation of concepts and issues relating to equal employment opportunities, different forms of employment discrimination and harassment, discipline and/or termination of difficult employees, recruitment, selection, and retention practices, managing at-will employees, evaluating performance, employee development, compensation regulations designed to assure economic security and standards in the work environment, and an introduction to labor relations. Upon completion of this course, students will have become more adept at identifying key HR challenges; contributing to HR planning and analysis; understanding employment law and labor relations; developing recruitment; selection and retention programs; formulating compensation and benefits plans; and promoting a safe, secure, harmonious, and productive work environment. Additionally, they will have developed an awareness of the problems associated with diverse work populations, as well as the ethical and legal environment affecting human resource decisions.
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