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History of the City of New York

This course examines the history of New York City from its origins as a small Dutch settlement through its development as a mercantile British colony and its growth as a commercial and industrial metropolis, to its emergence as a center of capital and modernity and its ascendancy, decline and resurgence as a center of global capitalism. The class focuses on the social history of New York City, though it explores cultural, political, technological and economic developments and issues that defined its evolution. As such, the course topics include the influences of ethnicity and race on the city, the definitions, contestations and uses of social spaces, the social lives and roles of upper, middle and lower classes, the lore and intrigue of the larger than life personalities and infamous incidents in shaping the city¿s history, and the legendary conflicts over urban planning, use and design. Students will gain first-hand knowledge of the material culture of New York City through the use of walking and museum tours, historical societies, historical archives, and other historical institutions and landmarks.
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