Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies

Internship in Health Services Management II

See course description and prerequisites for Internship in Health Services Management I. Internship I and Internship II may be taken during the same semester; however, students must complete a minimum of 100 hours to obtain four credits. It is recommended that students complete the Internship during the senior year. Designed for advanced students in the B.S. in Healthcare Management, the Internship provides an opportunity for students to apply healthcare management theories and principles and content from the Liberal Arts in a specific healthcare setting. Supervision by on-site professionals in a variety of healthcare delivery settings enhances students'professional development as they prepare to make the transition from student to professional. The Internship is web enhanced by the use of weekly logs/journals and oversight by the faculty. Students have periodic on-campus and/or site meetings with the faculty. Students are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours during the semester to earn two credits. The hours must be completed sequentially on the assigned day for the Internship. The Internship is completed Monday to Friday during daytime business hours. There are no waivers or credit from prior learning portfolios to meet the Internship requirement.
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