Human Capital Management

Storytelling with Data

The collection, analysis and insights from data are important in running every aspect of the enterprise. With vast amounts of data created at an ever-increasing speed, it becomes even more critical to create a common visual medium to understand and interpret the data and communicate insights. The ability to present data visually for any type of audience using a mix of numbers, images and graphs is a critical skill for today's business leaders. In this course, we explore the fundamentals of data visualization, different principles and best practices of communicating data and creating visual analytics with a wide variety of tools such as Tableau and Power BI. By completing this course students will be able to pick the appropriate visual representation for the data using a variety of tools from the market place. The course starts with the fundamentals of visualizations using a variety of tools and subsequently focuses on advanced features to plot time series, maps, creating dashboards and eventually publishing visual stories.
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