Human Capital Management

People and Organization Management

This course provides a comprehensive review of the evolution of the management theory and practice critical for 21st century organizations. Students learn in a highly experiential and fully immersive residential format in the course of five consecutive days. Students practice to assess, design and apply people management solutions at all organizational levels. Impacting business success through effective people management is the responsibility of a strategic People Function.The course covers the following topics: the science underlying the individual components of an organization: individuals, teams, and the organization as a system; Existing and emerging integrated Talent Management (TM) and Employee Experience (EX) frameworks; Organizational design business objectives and organizational culture; and effective approaches for a successful organizational transformation. By the end of this class, students will be able to evaluate, design and apply people and organizational management approaches and solutions based on business objectives and in response to external and internal market challenges. Students will be prepared to add to their professional repertoire the analytical and technology enabled methods of organizational analyses, design and implementation.
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