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Greece - Great Power Competition and US Grand Strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean

Greece is at the epicenter of a region that has seen a staggering array of wars, revolutions, and coups since World War II. Greece¿s geographic position in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea makes it an important strategic ally of the United States both economically and geopolitically. The Eastern Med region contains substantial hydrocarbon reserves, which could transform the economy of countries like Egypt, Cyprus and Israel. But it also has a long history of conflict, and is an area of intense competition between great powers in the region including the US, Russia China as well as regional powers such as Greece and Turkey. Activities of these nation-states have been accompanied by a series of small-scale conflicts over control over telecommunications infrastructure, natural resources and military basing. As the region re-emerges as a significant theater of global and regional security, the balance of power among regional players is being disturbed. Within this context, the GFI Greece will help students better understand the global security, conflict and cyber challenges facing the world today.
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