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Terrorism, Technology, and the Internet

Technology and the Internet have played a critical role in terrorism and counterterrorism. This course examines terrorists¿ multiple use of technologies as weapons and methods to avoid detection, and the Internet as a means of communication, recruitment, radicalization, fundraising, spreading propaganda, and planning attacks. In addition, it considers the extent and risk of cyberterrorism and how the online strategies used by thieves to steal identities can be leveraged by terrorists. It also explores the efficacy of technologies used to combat terrorism and protect targets that terrorists may want to attack. It further explores the abilities of these technologies to identify terrorists before they act. The social, economic and political costs of technologies used to detect terrorists and prevent terrorism are explored as well including the need to improve existing technology, and create new counterterrorism technologies from research and development. Finally, the course identifies the obstacles involved in countering terrorists¿ use of digital technologies and the Internet and recommends effective ways to combat terrorists¿ use of these technologies and the Internet.
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