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The exponential expansion of computer technologies and the Internet have spawned a variety of new criminal behaviors and provided criminals with a new environment within which to operate. Cybercrime knows no physical, geographic boundaries as the Internet provides criminals with access to people, institutions, and businesses around the globe. The reach of the threat defies conventional notions of jurisdiction of sovereign nations, thus making the targeting of cybercriminals particularly challenging for authorities worldwide. This course delves into the complex subject of cybercriminology, looking in particular at: typologies of cybercrime; measurements of cybercrime; the impact of cybercrime on cybervictims and the roles of these victims in cybercrime; the reasons why offenders engage in cybercrime; cyberwitnesses¿ roles and reactions to cybercrime; significant theories and perspectives of criminology and how they relate to specific cybercrimes; and the measures needed to control cybercrime.
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