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Cuba in the World: An Intercambio

The course, Cuba in the World - an Intercambio, will engage up to twenty graduate students in a special spring break study trip examining the realities shaping the largest Caribbean island country today. It will focus on post Cold War Cuba from a socio-cultural perspective, with a specific look at the country?s complex and evolving relationship with the US and Latin America. Through a unique collaboration with the Ludwig Foundation Center, Havana - a non governmental organization dedicated to bridging understanding in Cuba and abroad through cultural exchange - students will gain exclusive exposure to an 'inside out' perspective of a country that is most often viewed from the 'outside in.' The seminar will be composed of organized lectures, site visits and meetings at local organizations and educational institutions. Pre departure (New York-based) sessions will focus on preparing students with a contemporary historical context of Cuban inter-American relations in order to inform the socio-cultural conversation during the onsite portion of the course.
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