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China's Reemergence: The Changing Political, Economic, and Social Landscape

The course, China's Reemergence: The Changing Political, Economic, and Social Landscape, will enable up to twenty graduate students to study and actively engage in the tremendous transitions facing China today. The program features senior academic, policy and professional presenters and affords participants a two-day practicum to shadow municipal, corporate, educational and non-profit leaders shaping modern Shanghai, a global economic, finance, design and arts destination. Understanding the new global order without attempting to understand and account for China is impossible. China is changing rapidly, asserting itself on the world stage, buying itself into Africa and possibly offering the world a new model of development assistance, expanding its spheres of influence and will undoubtedly continue to increase its impact globally. We believe that in order to provide our students with the best possible opportunity to understand China, it is necessary to travel there and engage not only with China?s economic, political and social changes but also to interact with leaders in the different spheres. The program aims to harness transitions facing China today and articulate to students the dynamism and strategic realities and dilemma facing decision-makers today.
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