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Childrens Rights: International Norms and Standards

The promotion and protection of the human rights of children is founded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and strengthened by the adoption of international legal instruments and policies, which prescribe measures to ensure that children everywhere enjoy the rights to which they are entitled, and that children are accorded special protection and care. The course will examine the international norms and standards that make up children¿s rights from the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and its three Optional Protocols, to the outcomes of World Summit for Children and a World Fit for Children. The course will also provide an understanding of how children¿s rights evolve and progress to take into account the changing international environment, the changing needs of children, and the current issues that children are exposed to by highlighting issues such as, violence against children, children in peace and security, children¿s rights in international justice, children and juvenile justice, and children¿s rights in international development. Special attention will also be paid to the girl child. And with the world celebrating the 25th anniversary of the CRC, the course will also focus on the implementation and monitoring of children¿s rights and ask the question, ¿Is the world a better place for children?
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