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Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Every field of study whether it is health care, social work, engineering, policymaking, the arts, and even the non-profit world has ¿problems¿ that need to be solved. And those problems are ¿opportunities.¿ This course will help you convert problems into opportunities through a process that helps you hone your strategy and execution. Entrepreneurship is no longer a domestic field. A small local shoe store, for example, is highly impacted by changes in overseas markets and online competitors. Entrepreneurs globally have made a significant impact as another class of ¿global actors¿ influencing political society, civil society and global consumers. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are high profile examples of this where their services have a direct impact in the world. New entrepreneurs must be globally focused in today¿s modern world of game changers. This class will empower students with the key process of global innovation and how to turn ideas into sustainable businesses.
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