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Corruption and Anti-Corruption

Bribery. Graft. Blat. Clientelism. Guanxi. Mordida. Corruption goes by many names and comes in many forms, from predatory demands for payoffs through to complex and subtle economies of favors. It penetrates political and economic systems, solidifies inequalities, undermines the rule of law, devours development aid, and mobilizes to resist attempts to control it around the world. Nonetheless, reducing corruption is a crucial necessity for good governance, effective long-term economic prosperity, and social equity. Although there is no single 'silver bullet,' it is crucial not only to understand the challenge, but to explore the many ways in which people are trying to control corruption. These range from global agreements to grass-roots local initiatives, addressing everything from the culture of bribe-taking and bribe-paying, through to issues of business accountability and transparent government. This course is strongly policy-oriented, and explores not only the forms and impacts of corruption, but past and future responses.
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