Center for Global Affairs
Monitoring and Evaluation for Global Affairs
This course is designed to provide hands-on, real world experience in the area of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) via case studies of organizations that need M&E programs put into place. The course is applied in nature and is designed for students to gain exposure to core knowledge and practices in this field. Students are subsequently asked to apply these gained skills to a real cases and develop all required content of an M&E initiative. The course will introduce participants to the main tools and techniques used to build M&E programs from beginning to completion. This includes building the theoretical framework, operationalizing the framework into measurable variables and indicators, developing reliable and valid tools for data collection, designing data collection methodology, carrying out the M&E initiative, data analysis techniques, and report writing. Students will learn about stakeholder engagement, including internal and external stakeholders, donors, funders, supervisors and the populations being served. Students will organize according to organizational/concentration interests, and will be conducting their M&E projects in these small groups.
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