Marketing and Public Relations

Managing the C-Suite: Translation and Collaboration

CMOs currently have the shortest tenure in the C-Suite; 3.6 years vs. 5.3 years and 7.4 years for CFOs and CEOs respectively (Spencer Stuart, 2018 Survey). Two major factors of this dynamic are a CMO¿s ability to translate the impact of marketing investments into financial terms and the degree of collaboration with other members of the C-Suite. In a recent Deloitte survey, CMOs cited demonstrating impact on financial outcomes as their #1 C-suite communication challenge, and only 17% of C-suite executives reported having collaborated with CMOs over the previous 12 months. This course closely examines these two critical success factors with an in-depth review of recent case studies, dialogue with the C-suite involved in some of these cases, and role-playing simulations that help students become more adept and effective at reframing how they engage and communicate with their C-Suite counterparts to drive investment and growth.
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