Marketing and Public Relations

Optimizing Media Mix and Energizing Media Relations in a Fragmented Ecosystem

The growth in the number of content sources and channels through which marketers and communicators can reach their target audiences has increased the complexity of communicating effectively and with impact. This course takes a broad view of engaging with media, with an emphasis on how to integrate broadcast, print, and other analog channels with digital media channels, alongside different forms of consumer engagement, including influencers, content marketing, personalization, AI, augmented and virtual reality, and messenger bots. Students create media communications and purchase plans that resonate with customers at different points of the purchase journey, and leverage the new fulcrum points to maximize impact on brand/reputation, profitability and growth. Students will develop integrated plans to address the specific growth or positioning objectives in their chosen industry, that are responsive to the to the changing media landscape, shifting client needs, and the nature of the work that needs to be done.
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