Marketing and Public Relations

Disrupting Markets through Distribution Channel Innovations

Technology has rendered the distribution channel landscape almost unrecognizable from just five years ago -- mattresses can be delivered by mail, movies, books and news can be streamed through personal devices, food can be ordered and delivered by apps, and all types of goods can be delivered via drones. This course provides an in-depth review of recent and emerging innovations disrupting traditional distribution channels across different industries. Students compare and appraise several case studies to evaluate which drivers of value have been impacted, or created, with the recent developments. Students assess which channels are fit for purpose, given a company¿s strategy and operations, and analyze the implications of channel distribution choice on growth and profitability. Students in this course formulate strategies to respond, as an existing business, to the changes in distribution channels and evaluate when and where to launch in retail or direct-to-consumer, or switch between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce.
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