Voices from the Classroom

A collection of opportunities to hear from your colleagues talking about the great things happening inside their classrooms.

The Engaged Learner Series

Welcome to the Engaged Learner Series! Each module focuses on a discrete pedagogical area and was crafted in concert with faculty who are experts in these areas. We would like to invite you to explore these modules and to stay tuned as we continue to add to our reserve!

The Modern Classroom Podcast

You will be able to hear from your colleagues in long form interviews. Learn how and why they have made the instructional decisions they have to provide engaging learning environments for their students


Conversations with an Innovator

The Conversations with an Innovator monthly video series was developed with two key tenets in mind; learn something new about one of your peers and why they teach, and learn more about an innovative approach they have embraced in their teaching.


David Abrams

Learn how David transformed how he provides feedback to students without all of the paper.

Todd Cherches

Learn how Todd uses experiential learning to improve student engagement.

Anna Tavis

Learn how Anna has incorporated ePortfolios into her courses and how it benefits students.

David Hollander

Learn how David incorporates a student-centered innovative teaching style in his real-world courses.

Jenny McPhee

Learn from Jenny about the shift and impact of online teaching for the students and the professor.

Lilian Ajayi-Ore

Learn how Lilian's approach in the classroom improves her student's success in the workplace.

Dr. Christopher Gaffney

Learn about Chris' insights on the Global Overtourism Index.

LEARN MORE Dr. Christopher Gaffney

Anne Marie Goetz

Learn how simulations provides students the best way to understand what really goes on.