Research and Scholarship

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Co-Creating Our Understanding through Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)?


Scholarship is creative intellectual work that is validated by peers and communicated (Weiser, 2001). NYU SPS stands for academic excellence, access, opportunity, and contributions to the knowledge economy within a diverse and global learning platform that emphasizes evidence-based design and agility. We are a teaching and learning university that builds innovative educational programs for professionals across the globe, and we seek to be recognized for our excellence in teaching, learning, and design scholarship.

We are committed to using evidence to catalyze impactful design, teaching, technology, and support based upon data-informed decision-making. Kuh et. al., (2015) explains that the greatest impact for success for educational research is based upon evidence that is generated from the very university that will utilize it to increase learning.


The School of Professional Studies has the opportunity to improve educational practices and contribute to higher education as it can situate its research within real-world educational contexts. We are particularly poised to integrate the richness of our experiences, technical knowledge, and expertise and bring them to bare on our today’s complex learning challenges.


The Center for Academic Excellence and Support aims to encourage and facilitate teaching and learning scholarship by contributing, recognizing, and advancing innovative new methods through a series of workshops and communities of practice that are supportive and inspiring for all faculty conducting teaching and learning research at NYU SPS.


All that is needed is the desire to expand knowledge and contribute to the broader teaching and learning communities generally or within a specific discipline. NYU SPS is proud to define scholarship broadly; Shulman (1999) explains that “[a]n intelligent act becomes scholarship when it becomes public, is critically reviewed by one’s community, and members of one’s community are able to use it, build upon and develop these acts of mind and creation. In CAES, we believe that these activities will:

  • Enhance Learning and success for students
  • Foster excellence in teaching, support, assessment and course design
  • Illustrate our innovative and data-informed programming
  • Contribute to higher education teaching and learning knowledge economies
  • Increase retention and persistence through application and discovery of best-practices


Weiser, C.J., 2001. Keynote Address: Symposium on What is a Teacher-Scholar?




Research and Scholarship

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Dean's Faculty Teaching and Learning Innovation Scholar Grant

The Dean's Office invites proposals for the Dean's Faculty Teaching and Learning Innovation Scholar Grant. The aim of the grant is to empower and support faculty to create new or evaluate current inventive curricular and teaching designs that challenge conventional classroom boundaries. Grant recipients receive a stipend of $2500 to develop, implement and measure a new or current design feature or teaching strategy.


Proposals with research that involves human subjects must be approved by NYU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure the safety and appropriate use of human subjects in research studies. CAES supports grant recipients with the IRB application, research design, data analysis and results dissemination upon request.


Applicants must submit CVs and proposals no later than June 9, 2019, and will be notified of the results by June 28, 2019.




Selection Criteria


Who launches and organizes the Dean’s Teaching and Learning Innovation Scholar Grant?

How is the Dean’s Innovation Scholar Grant different from the Dean’s Research Grant?

What are the benefits for grant recipients?

What are the responsibilities of grant recipients?

Who should submit a proposal?

What is the proposal review process?

What are the proposal review criteria?

Can you provide some research project examples?

When is the proposal due?

What is the overall timeline?

Do I need IRB approval to conduct research in my classroom(s)?

How do I apply for IRB approval for my project?

What are CAES’ roles in this grant?