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The following guidelines and recommendations, developed in partnership with the Provost’s office and our colleagues across NYU, should serve as a roadmap to successfully move your class from in-person to remote delivery. These guidelines focus on the most basic teaching and learning strategies and utilize two NYU tools: NYU Classes and Zoom.

The implementation of these guidelines will be supported by a number of units across NYU and NYU SPS - particularly NYU IT, NYU SPS IT, NYU SPS Facilities, and the SPS Center for Academic Excellence and Support (CAES).


New Remote Instruction Toolkit

Please visit the new Remote Instruction Toolkit for technology, assessment and pedagocial strategies to create a highly engaging learning environment for your students.


Please find responses to the top Zoom questions received by the CAES team.

My internet wifi is slow or not working?

How do I remove a participant who is not a member of my class?

My students cannot hear me, what do I do?

How do I check my video?

How do I Pre-populate Breakout Rooms?

In the News

The Chronicle of Higher Ed has published countless articles on remote teaching strategies. We've found the two listed below to be especially helpful.

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start

Michelle D. Miller shares her own short list of advice for faculty members who need to move online.

How to Be a Better Online Teacher

Flower Darby shares advice on how to make your online pedagogy as effective as in-person.